Welcome to Wood Products from Don Pencil. WPDP is a small company providing woodturning products, first to the local community, and now to the world.

Wood Products from Don Pencil is dedicated to providing high-quality products to the woodworking world as economically as possible. Although larger profit margins should be our goal, we would rather aid in the promotion of excellent woodworking to all who are trying to get there, amateur and professional alike.

We are the home of:

  • “TRUE TURN” Woodturning Faceplates and Center Markers
  • “STINGER” Small Vessel Boring Bar Sets
  • “SCORPION” Large Vessel Boring Bar Sets
  • Wood Blanks for Green Bowl Turning
  • “WOOD N THINGS” Wood Buffing Supplies
  • CyanoAcrylate Adhesive
  • Pen Blanks
  • Anchorseal Green Wood Sealant

I will love to hear from you if you have any comments or questions.